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Raziel Receives First Major Update

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Raziel: Dungeon Arena Receives First MajorUpdate, Launches in New Zealand and Singapore
Guangzhou, China - September9, 2017 - Raziel: Dungeon Arena has received its first meaningful updatewhile opening up to iOS gamers in Singapore and New Zealand. The firstmajor update to Raziel introduces a new hero, offers a new gem inlay feature,and brings a new level of customization to hero appearances.
Playersof Raziel will first notice the new version features a new hero: Sarah Mander -The Elf of Fire and Fury. Sarah Mander gives players a new caster with more ofa pure DPS focus compared with thefrost mage Alina.While Alina’s frost spells are a perfect fit for taming mobs in PvE, Sarah’sdevastating fire attacks should suit PvP action quite well.
Playerswill also be delighted to see that their hero’s appearance now changes based ontheir soul rank level. Before each hero, with exception to their weapon, lookedalmost exactly the same. Hero appearances are expected to receive an evengreater overhaul when Indra introduces hero skins.
Raziel: Dungeon Arena is also adding a gem inlay feature to gear. Players can now further customize their builds based on the gems they choose to utilize. Gems can also fuse with other gems to produce attributes unique to each specific combination.
Raziel: DungeonArena is currently only available on iOS in Australia, New Zealand, andSingapore. For the rest of us, Indra said it plans on a much more comprehensiveworldwide launch later this fall.
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About the Developer
Indra is a small game developer in Guangzhou,China. They have over three years’ experience in AAA game development and havedeveloped game assets for titles like Saints Row, Tomb Raider, and FinalFantasy. Indra has a passion for developing traditional, hardcore style gamesthat offer challenging and fulfilling gaming experiences.
Afull look at Sarah Mander, the fire elf and a sneak peek at “No-Name” the heromaking its debut during Halloween.

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